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Comercial lawn maintenance services

Arguably the most important and essential service of any maintenance program is the weekly visits that Burl-oak Lawn Maintenance provides in order to maintain your lawn and gardens.

It is the basic service that includes lawn mowing, line trimming of your grass edges and weeding of your gardens, along with the trimming of hedges and bushes under 12′ of height.

Residential lawn maintenance services

Our lawn care services help extend your home life to the outdoors and even increase the value of your home. Instead of spending precious hours of your time on lawn maintenance, rely on our trained lawn care professionals to do the job right.

Our attention to detail and unparalleled quality speaks for itself. Burloak Lawn Maintenance & Snow Removal will provide you with a reliable and trustworthy service that is not easily matched, attending to your lawn and gardens on a weekly bases to ensure that you never need to, and that the outside of your house is just as great as the inside.

This service includes lawn mowing, line trimming of your grass edges, and the weeding of your gardens, along with the trimming of hedges and bushes under 12′ of height when needed.


Spring and fall cleanup

The spring clean-up sets the tone for the rest of the season and starts the growing season off right. Basic services performed in the clean-up include: debris removal, garden prep (edging, weeding and cultivating or turning the mulch), pruning hedges, bushes or ornamental grasses (if required or not performed prior to the winter).

In the weeks subsequent to the last mowing and after the majority of your leaves have dropped, we will be conducting full clean-ups. The main focus of this clean-up is to clear lawns and gardens of debris and litter.


Mulch & Triple Mix

Not only is mulch an attractive accent to your garden, it is also the perfect way to organically control weeds and hold moisture for ground plants. Mulch comes in various colors like black, red, cedar and pine.

Erosion of soil and the depletion of nutrients in the soil takes place every year. This is why we recommend every year or two, triple mix is added to the garden bed to revitalize your gardens beds, and help protect the plants in them.



Get your lawn looking healthy with aeration from Burloak Lawn Maintenance & Snow Removal. In this peak growing time this will help your lawn come back stronger and fuller next spring. Lawn Aeration allows the saturation of water, nutrients, and air in your grass, helping your lawn grow stronger and faster.


Get a green and healthy lawn this summer that is full of thick grass with Burloak Lawn Maintenance & Snow Removal. We offer a fertilizing service that is sure to give you your ideal lawn.



Overseeding is a method of thickening up a lawn that has become thin or damaged by insects, diseases, weeds, drought, excessive traffic or other types of damage. To ensure success, add compost, peat or top-soil before overseeding. Overseed at double the seeding rate for establishing a new lawn. The best time to overseed a lawn is in the fall (mid-August to mid-September). Keep the overseeded area moist by watering several times a day. One week after seeding, reduce watering to twice a day until seedlings are established.

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