Plant bed design and creation

Let Burl-oak Lawn Maintenance take the grunt work out of gardening. We can supply you with a planting plan, or follow a plan designed by a landscape architech, and help you dig, fertilize, and plant flowers, shrubs, trees, with flowers of both perennial and annual varieties.


Overgrown, uneven and burnt lawns are unsightly. Sometimes, it’s best to start fresh with new sod. We remove your existing grass with a sod cutter, re-grade your property and then install pre-cut sod in a staggered pattern. Watering will ensure proper rooting and lush green grass.


Re-grading and Drainage

Improper drainage results in wet basements and loss of usable yard space. Proper grade and drainage is your critical first step to landscaping and protecting your home or commercial property from floods and leaks. This can be done with either the installation of weeping tile to move water rapidly from certain areas to proper drainage zones, or by raising the level of help facilitate water run off, and force it out of your property.


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